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SOLD PLATE: A beautiful 8" plate from Czechoslovakia for the Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. There is a number 11 and 16 on the reverse of this plate. This is a gorgeous plate with a nice 1/2 gold rim in nice condition. It's hard to believe after 31 years. The gold edging really makes this plate! $49.00

SOLD 5110 TWO THIMBLES No. 1. Staffordshire bone china thimble. Queen Elizabeth II wearing yellow dress. No date, No.2 A Royal Staffordshire thimble of the Queen. She is in white gown with blue sash & wearing a tiara. $9.99 plus postage

5111 PLATE: A 27 year old plate. One of the best Charles and Diana plates produced. Wedgwood of Etruria & Barlaston have outdone themselves with the artwork on this 10" plate .The colors are so bright and vivid. The black and white sketches of Charles and Diana are a perfect likeness. This plate is heavy as with most Wedgwood pieces. The reverse reads, "In celebration of the wedding of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer St. Paul's Cathedral 29th July 1981. $139.00 plus postage

SOLD PHOTO BOOK: This little book 3 x 3 " is in a blue box with a lovely color photo of Queen Elizabeth II as a young girl on the top. The photo album is called, Proud Heritage, A Portrait of Greatness. It is dedicated to His Most Gracious Majesty King George VI. This little volume is on a spring ring. It starts with a photo of Albert in 1871 and goes through the many men and women of greatness and finishes with David Lloyd George in 1945. It covers Queen Victoria, Horatio Nelson, Charles Dickens and many more. It covers 50 people of greatness . Interesting. $11.99 SOLD

SOLD 5113 PAPERWEIGHT: A fantastic 20+ year old (nearly 3" across and 1/2 " thick) paperweight from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. I bought these back in 1992. It is a Daphne Pain Paperweight. All the glass is handset. The photo is a lithograph after Winterhalter 1806-1873. New in box. $89.00 plus postage Order

Donated 50 POSTCARDS: A BIG postcard of Princess Diana. Her entire face is the card. These are wonderful cards. Approx. 6X8' $6.95 Free PO

Donated 50 POSTCARDS: A BIG postcard of Prince Charles. His entire face is the card. Approx. 6X8' $6.95 Free PO

SOLD DIANA MUG: Made in England by Argyle China -- Burslem, Staffordshire Lovely photo of the Princess. Mug rim and handle are edged in 22K gold. Reverse reads: To Commemorate the Life of "The People's Princess" Diana, Princess of Wales
1961 ~ 1997

SOLD DIANA MUG: Tall (4") Princess Diana mug -- English bone china by Sheltonian China Lovely photo of the Princess. Mug rim and handle are edged in 22K gold. Reverse reads:To Commemorate the Life of "The People's Princess" Diana, Princess of Wales 1961 ~ 1997 $79.00

SOLD CHARLES AND DIANA MUG: LIMITED EDITION 1981 Royal Wedding mug by Coalport. Only 5,000 made. elaborately painted all the way around the outside. Rich cobalt blue background with engagement portraits of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer are on one side. Prince of Wales Feathers and wedding bells with ribbons are in the middle. Charles and Diana's two family coats of arms are on the other side of the mug. Two cherubs hold vines of English roses which run all the way around the mug. VERY wide band of 22k gilt at the bottom of the mug. Two other generous gold bands are painted along the bottom of the painted portion and along the rim. The handle of the mug is decorated with raised lion's paws, trimmed in gilt. Inside the mug reads: H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES AND LADY DIANA SPENCER 29th JULY 1981. Underside of mug reads: COALPORT Bone China Made in England Est 1750 Chinacraft of London. H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES AND LADY DIANA SPENCER WERE MARRIED IN ST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL LONDON ON THE 29 JULY 1981. Limited Edition of 5,000 $129.00

5125 MUG: A rare 39 year old mug for the investiture of HRH Prince Charles , the future King of England on July 1, 1969 making him Prince of Wales from Holkham Pottery in England. A nice likeness of Charles on the front with the date on back. $29.00 plus postage

Donated 5127 100 KEY CHAINS:1 & 1/4" Key chain with photo of Princess Diana. Flag sold out Set in gold tone metal. Reverse says Picasso. $9.99

SOLD PLATE: An absolutely beautiful 28 year old 8"plate of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother from Staffordshire to commemorate her 80th birthday on August 4, 1980. Issued in a limited edition of 10,000. The Queen Mum was the last of a bygone era and one, unfortunately , we will never see again! The photo on this plate is superb! $79.00

5129 COINS: 1 1/2" SOLID BRONZE commemorative coins as follows:

a. The British Museum, Sir Hans Sloane 1660-1753 on back
b. The Fitzwilliam Museum, Fitzwilliam coat of arms on back
c. Victoria & Albert Museum, Victoria coat of arms on back
jewels on top.
$19.99ea plus postage

SOLD GLASSES: A pair of 31 year old 3 1/2" glasses for the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 1977. Nice with no wear to any of the commemoration. Burgundy ER and gold and burgundy crown. A nice little pair of bourbon or juice glasses in case you are a teetotaler. $39.00

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