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SOLD COIN: Gold-tone 1 &1/2" coin of Queen Victoria & Queen Elizabeth II, 1867 to 1967 Commemorating the Centennial of 1867-1967. Excellent condition. $49.00

Donated POSTCARDS: Ten gorgeous color postcards of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. No two sets of postcards are alike. $49.99 plus $2.00 postage Order

5134 COIN: Copper coin, 1867-1927 King George V, 60th birthday. $22.00 ea (Canadian) plus postage

Donated POSTCARDS: 12 color photographs of Andrew, Duke of York, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and their children. 12 beautiful cards. Remember, these cards date from the 1980's and will never be seen again. No two sets of postcards are alike. $42.99 plus $2.00 postage Order

Donated POSTCARDS: A fantastic collection of 14 postcards of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with members of her family. These cards are rare as most are o longer printed or in circulation. All cards are new. No two sets of postcards are alike. $49.99 plus $2.00 postage Order

5137 COIN: Silver-tone coin for Elizabeth II Jubilee 1977. Coin is 1 1/2 in. $19.99 plus postage

Donated POSTCARDS: 14 spectucalr color 4-3/4" X 6-3/4" postcards of Diana , Pricess of Wales, Most were produced after her untimelt death in 1997. Most are no longer available. No two sets of postcards are alike. $59.99 plus $2.00 postage Order

SOLD 5139 DECAL: A window decal from the 1981 wedding of Charles and Diana. Measures about 6" X 9". Would be great for the car. $29.99 plus postage Order

SOLD a. Queens 40th Anniversary, dark blues & reds, 30x18 , Linen $100.00
b. Queen Mother's 90th Birthday blues & pink. 30x18 , Linen`$100.00
c. Royal London, Palaces, Scenes, reds & blues, 1981, 30x18"$100.00

5141 HANDKERCHIEF: A 71 year old handkerchief for the proposed coronation of Edward VIII , 1937, silk, 10x10", great condition. Center photo with crown & curtains above. laurel wreath surrounds. $99.00 plus postage

SOLD 5142
PICTURE: An old sepia tone photograph taken from the supplement to Weldon's Ladies Journal No. 681. H. M. King George V broadcasting on Christmas Day, 1935. This photo was cut from a magazine and framed in a plain black frame. It would look nice matted and framed properly. The photo in in excellent condition. It measures 9 x 12". $300.00

SOLD TIN: A big 10 1/4" round 31 year old tin for the Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 1952-1977. There is slight scratching and wear to this tin. The colors are vivid and bright with a great photo of the Queen on the top lid with additional photos of Her Majesty and Prince Philip on the sides of the tin. No manufacturers name.$79.00

SOLD LOVING CUP: This 1997 Loving Cup was issued for the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip from Berkshire Fine Bone China. The front has lovely golden silhouettes of the Queen & Philip with commemoration below. The reverse has, "Golden wedding anniversary HM The Queen HRH Prince Philip 1997. Mint condition.$225.00

SOLD DIANA MAG: PRINCESS DIANA MUG by SHELTONIAN CHINA English Bone China Lovely portrait of Diana from the Awards gala where she and Secretary Colin Powell jointly received the Humanitarian of the Year award from United Cerebral Palsy. Reverse (in gold) reads: IN MEMORY OF DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES THE PEOPLE'S PRINCESS 1961 - 1997 $79.95 SOLD

SOLD 5146 MUG: A 31 year old small 3" mug "To Commemorate The Queen's Silver Jubilee 1952-1977 from Mason's. This little mug is in perfect condition. $39.00 plus postageOrder

SOLD 5147 DIANA MUG: PRINCESS DIANA "Humanitarian of the Year" mug: Lovely portrait of Diana from the Awards gala where she and Secretary Colin Powell jointly received the Humanitarian of the Year award from United Cerebral Palsy. Reverse (encircled by a gold wreath -- just like the front) reads: DIANA "QUEEN OF HEARTS" To COMMEMORATE THE LIFE OF DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES 1961 - 1997 $79.95

SOLD BADGE: A 106 year old 1- 1/4"badge to commemorate the coronation of King Edward VII & Queen Alexandra, June 26, 1902. $39.00

Donated POSTCARD COLLECTION: A wonderful 10 piece collection of Princess Diana color 4" X 6" commemorative postcards. All but two cards are a limited edition of 1000 cards from Enterprise Postcard Series. Card number four, top row is from Thomas Benacci Ltd. , photo by Tim Graham (Diana in red dress with tiara). Card two, bottom row is from Fisa, (Diana in red shirt,green jacket holding flowers).No two sets of postcards are alike. $42.99 plus $2.00 postage Order

SOLD BEAKER: A 1937(71 years old) beaker celebrating the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Sepia tone photos in the center with ribbon commemoration below from Lawleys. This is a wonderful find and remember , it is 69 years old. The Queen Mother was really beautiful.$49.00

SOLD 5150 MUG: Sweet 31 year old mug for the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977 from Broadhurst in England. Nice sepia tone photos with blue ribbon commemoration. $19.99

5151 CUP-MUG: A nice 31 year old commemorative cup or mug for the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II 1952-1977 from Royal Worcester fine porcelain in England. Royal Worcester is one of the finest china makers in the world. This 4" cup is pretty but plain having a design done in brown against white porcelain. Another nice starter piece for any collector. $9.99 plus postage

SOLD GRAB BAG OF GOODIES: Small 1-1/2" X 2"black metal box with crown-opens to be perosnal asktray- Metal badge with NSF in red initials, small 1" X 1" metal box with crown, small 1/2" sterling silver crown drop for necklace, four gold tone buttons with crown, two wiht coat of arms and larger one with DOCENDO DISCIMUS ( we learn by teaching) EX-NE-HI-LONI-HIL-FIT (couldn't find a trasnlation). Have no idea the face on the button. Pretty sure it's Greek. $79.00

SOLD BEAKER: This treasured 97 year old Beaker for the 1911 Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary from Royal Doulton stands 4" tall. Their color portraits are wonderful. The reverse has a sepia tone photo of Alderman C Hunt, Mayor of County Borough of Bournemouth at the time. There is overall crackling to the glazing. The gold trim on the lip is perfect. This is a must for any true collector.$149.00

SOLD MUG: A mug with a photo of Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip which is approximately 20-25 years old from England.$20.00

SOLD MUG: A nice 24 year old mug from Prince William pottery in England to commemorate the birth of HRH Prince Harry. The color photo shows Princess Diana, dressed in blue holding Baby Harry in his Christening gown. Prince Harry was born September 15, 1984. $29.00

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