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Princess Diana Halcyon Days oval enamel box

4900 Halcyon Days Enamel Box from the 1981 Royal Wedding of HRH the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer.
Antique ivory with aqua, pink and black detailing. The silhouettes of Charles and Diana in oval frames face each other; the Prince of Wales feathers (with coronet and ribbon bearing the inscription "Ich Dien" -- I serve) are centered above them. The box is 2" wide. The rim is edged with a thick band of gold. Excellent condition -- no scratches, dents, chips, etc. Established over 50 years ago, Halcyon Days Enamels has been granted Royal Warrants by The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Queen Mother and The Prince of Wales as the first and only Suppliers of Objects d’Art and is one of only seven companies to hold all four Royal Warrants. It is no wonder then that Halcyon Days was chosen by the Prince and Princess of Wales when they commissioned enamel boxes -- in very limited numbers -- which they then presented on their royal tours and to close staff members at Christmas
Princess Diana Halcyon Days round enamel box

4991 Halcyon Days Enamel Box from the 1981 Royal Wedding of HRH the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer. The antique white lid is painted with the Prince of Wales feathers with coronet and ribbon bearing the inscription "Ich Dien" ( I serve) centered at the top. The edges are decorated with the national flowers of England (Rose) Scotland (Thistle) Ireland (Shamrock) and Wales (Daffodil). The date of the wedding (July 29, 1981) is painted on a scrolled ribbon at the bottom. A drawing of St. Paul's Cathedral is etched on the inside of the lid. The rim is lavishly banded in gold. The box is 1" across. Excellent condition -- no scratches, dents, chips, etc. $125.00

4992 POSTAL COMMEMORATIVE SOCIETY: This blue leather-like album from the Postal Commemorative Society is a collection of Commemorative First Day Covers featuring international stamp tributes to Diana, Princess of Wales with official First Day of Issue postmarks. There are 100 First Day Covers. The plastic sleeves and names are in the album. This is your chance to own an album for less than the original cost. The gold embossing on the album is mint. Someone took excellent care of this album putting the First Day Covers in carefully with no foxing to the corners. SOLD

SOLD QUEEN VICTORIA BEAKER: RARE 115 YEAR OLD COMMEMORATIVE: This enamel over tin beaker is extremely rare. In more than 30 years, this is the second beaker in near mint condition I have seen. Most are badly chipped and damaged. This beaker is a souvenir of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria... on June 22, 1897, that marked the 60th anniversary of her accession. This is truly a wonderful find. The only wear is to the top gold rim. There are no chips or cracks. The top and bottom gold bands are near perfect. $795.00 plus postage SOLD

Queen Elizabeth II Wedgwood Tea Service

SOLD QUEEN ELIZABETH II TEA SERVICE: Wedgwood Queen Elizabeth II Coronation tea service. Wedgwood embossed Queen's ware- Barlaston. An exceptionally rare three piece tea set in MINT condition. The likeness of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are wonderful. Remember this tea service is 55 years old. The teapot has the Queen on the front with ribbon commemoration and Prince Philip on the reverse. The sugar bowl has ERII on the front with ribbon commemoration and the royal coat of arms on the reverse. The creamer has the same. This set has been wrapped and boxed since it's purchase in 1953. No crackling in the glazing. $1,200.00 SOLD

4995 PRINCESS ANNE BUST: A rare Royal Doulton black basalt bust of HRH Princess Anne. "To commemorate the wedding of HRH Princess Anne to Captain Mark Phillips, The Queen's Dragoon Guards on November 14th 1973. This Royal Doulton commemorative model is produced in an edition limited to 750. Number 563 of 750 produced. She is nearly 12" tall. A wonderful likeness. Comes with signed Certificate of Authenticity from the Managing Director of Royal Doulton.

$395.00 plus postage

SOLD 4996 PRINT: Beautiful 20 x 27" color print of Queen Elizabeth in her Coronation gown. It is double matted and framed in gold finished wood . Very nice, mint condition. $695.00 plus postage Order


4999 FRAMED LETTER: Nice framed , double matted printed letter (with printed signature) from King George VI sent to servicemen during WWII. I wish I knew the identity of the officer. It reads, The Queen and I wish you God-speed, and a safe return to your homes and dear ones. A grateful Mother Country is proud of your splendid services characterized by unsurpassed devotion and courage. Signed George RI. I bought this piece already framed. $125.00 Splus postage

5000 FRAMED STAMPS, PHOTO-CARD AND BRASS NAME PLATE: This framed piece is under non-glare glass. It is a photo-card of Queen Elizabeth with a stamp from Cook Islands (stamp is $1.25). There is no date on either the photo or stamp. A nice brass tone name plate. Overall size is 9" X 14". Some minor flaws on frame. $89.00 plus postage

5090 KING GEORGE V & QUEEN MARY: A rare 3 1/2" mug for the Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary (May 6, 1910 to May 6, 1935). From John Maddock & Sons in the UK. It has the official design emblem on the bottom. $59.95 plus postage

5091 KING EDWARD VIII: A nice 4" beaker for the May 12, 1937 Coronation of King George VIII later the Duke of Windsor. King George VIII later gave up his throne to marry the twice divorced American Wallis Simpson causing the first great scandal of the British royal family. Look closely at the photos. There is a tiny piece missing from the outside blue rim of the beaker, hence, the low price. No manufacturer on the bottom. $69.00 plus postage

5092 BEAKER: A 4" 1937 Coronation beaker of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth with their gold silhouette on on the front against a blue background, in a gold laurel circle. Flags on either side with blue ribbon commemoration below. Reverse has coat of arms in gold laurel wreath. Wonderful. From Creampetal, Grimdley, England. Beakers are the most difficult to locate $59.95 plus postage

5093 MUG: A 3" mug for the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1937. It is so beautiful with sepia tone pictures of the couple in ovals on the front. Their name above with commemoration below. Flags of Britain on either side. Blue Prince Of Wales feathers on the reverse with flowers and leaves. Coronation and the date. A wonderful piece. Remember these items are 60 years old. $69.95 plus postage

SOLD MUG: The coronation which didn't happen. Sepia tone picture of Edward VIII. May 12, 1937. Blue background, colorful flags & Commemoration. $339.00 plus postage

5095 MUG: Edward VIII A 2 1/2 " mug for the 1937 Coronation. Brown tone center photo against blue background with colorful flags & flowers around with ribbon commemoration below. Cypher, crown, ER VIII & name & coronation on reverse. Like New $179.00 plus postage

5096 MUG: Beautiful ivory colored 3 1/4 " barrel mug for the Coronation of King George V & Queen Elizabeth 1937 with the photos of both on red ground in a blue garter frame. Commemoration around the rim with crest & initials on reverse. Specify a, b or c.
a. (1) from Wilkinson Ltd,
b. (1) from Official British Pottery,
c. (1) from J&G Meakin.
$39.00 ea plus postage

5097 MUG: For coronation of George VI & Elizabeth, May 12, 1937. Sepia tone photos with colorful flags & ribbon commemoration. Tiny chip on bottom. $39.00 postage

5098 MUG: King George VI , A 2 3/4" mug for the 1937 Coronation of the King & Queen Elizabeth with brown tone center portraits surrounded by colorful flags, crown above and ribbon commemoration below. No mfg. Crackling in glazing. Good condition. 39.00 plus postage

SOLD PLATE: EDWARD VIII: For the Coronation that never took place. A 7 " cream colored plate with Edward VIII between color flags with ribbon commemoration below & date May 12, 1937. Edward & Wallis items are extremely rare. $335.00 SOLD

SOLD PLATE: A rare plate for the Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary dated June 22, 1911. Their color portraits are in the center surrounded by British flags. Ribbon commemoration below their names. Gold border. Very slight scratches overall but not enough to detract from the plate itself. No mfg. This plate is 86 years old!! $525.00 SOLD

SOLD MUG: This RARE 1911 cup was issued for the Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary following the death of King Edward VII. The Coronation took place, June 22, 1911.This cup has survived for 94 years. The color photos of King George and Queen Mary are quite good although there is damage to the cup with a crack on the front of the cup above to the left of the small red crown. All lettering both inside and out is good. The inside reads, "Coronation Souvenir 22 June 1911". The sides read, "Rulers of an Empire on which the sun never sets. The opposite side reads, "Send them virtuous, happy & glorious long to reign over us". Very few souvenirs or commemoratives have survived from Queen Victoria & Prince Albert, King Edward VII & Queen Alexandra or King George V & Queen Mary in perfect condition. The nicest part of this cup are the color photos. Another great find is this cup was produced by Harrod's in London now owned by Mohammed Fayed, father of the late Dodi Fayed who was killed along with Princess Diana on August 31, 1997. Harrod's opened in 1849 as a small shop in Knightsbridge. $ 325.00 SOLD

SOLD VASE: A 4 1/2" bud vase for the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth . Sepia tone pictures in ovals on the front surrounded by color British flags with a red crown above and gold ribbon commemoration below. A sweet piece for any collector. $ 69.95 plus postage Order

SOLD MUG: A really nicely shaped cup//mug for the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Their sepia tone pictures are in ovals on the front surrounded by flags. Very ornate with a lot of gold flowers, crown, etc. GR. intertwined on the back with VI next to it in a gold laurel wreath against a blue background. The trim on the cup is gold. It is a pretty, feminine shaped cup with nice accents. $ 79.95 plus postage Order

SOLD CUP & SAUCER: For the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth with sepia tone pictures in ovals on both the cup and saucer. A nice set but it definitely shows wear. Still a nice set for being 71 years old.$69.00

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