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Correspondence, Photographs & Gifts from The Royal Family,

His Majesty King Charles III and HRH Diana, Princess of Wales

His Majesty King Charles III

& Diana, Princess of Wales

I have amassed a large collection of royal correspondence, photographs,Christmas cards and gifts from the British royal family during the last twenty years. The largest part of the collection is from HRH Prince Charles and HRH Diana, Princess of Wales. Through their letters, cards and photographs, we follow their lives from the day of their engagement & wedding in 1981 until their 1992 divorce and finally to Diana's untimely death in 1997. These letters also give an insight to the man "who will be King".

All history is recorded by writings, photographs and letters as far back as the pyramids in Egypt. We learn how a people came to be, how they lived and sadly, how they perished. The letters below are a rare and valuable part of history. I have purposely deleted all salutations and greetings on letters and gifts to protect one's privacy.

It is astonishing Diana, Princess of Wales, more than five years after her death is still the most famous and most written about royal. There are more books written on Diana than any other royal in history. Her drawing power seems to grow with each passing year! Press coverage of Diana surpasses that of Her Majesty and Prince Charles.

The letters have never been published. A line from a letter may have been printed with my permission for various newspapers articles. No entire letter has been read or printed. Alicia Carroll 1/11/2011

Do research before buying signed letters, Christmas cards and photographs. Many items being offered on the Internet by "dealers" and on "auction sites" are described as original signatures when , in fact, they are auto pen. A personal greeting does not make the signature authentic. The royal family sends thousands of letters, cards and photographs each year. They are given typed letters, Christmas cards and photographs already auto penned. They add the personal greeting. A Certificate of Authenticity can be made and printed by anyone! Check the seller or companies credentials.

It's been 25 plus years since the death of Princess Diana, she is still one of the most admired people of all time. A week does not pass without Diana's name being mentioned in the media. There are more books on the late Princess than all the Kennedy's combined. Diana was the most photographed person in recorded history. Diana left her mark on the world. Diana's devotion to her charities are legendary. She set a standard that's hard to equal. Diana ignored the prevailing prejudices and fears about AIDS to clasp the hands of sufferers, and embraced leprosy patients in Indonesia. Diana led the charge for emotion and the unembarrassed displays that now routinely go with it: from hugs and kisses to public tears. These are pretty hefty achievements for a woman who mocked herself for being "thick as a plank." Diana remains an inescapable presence. Diana wasn't seen as posh. She was one of the people. She enriched many lives. Many lessons are to be leaned from Princess Diana. After acquiring letters and cards written by Diana, I remembered the importance of sending a thank you note making everyone in my life feel a little special. That was one of Diana's greatest gifts. She made everyone who came into her life feel they mattered.

An era ended with the death of Diana and one, I am afraid , we will never see again!

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RARE signed photo from Diana, Princess of Wales in her , now famous "D" Presentation frame

$15,900.00 SOLD


SOLD Remember this is a 36 year old RARE photo. This is an official 3"X 4" color photograph dated 1985 of HRH Prince Charles and HRH Princess Diana in Court Presentation frame $4,500.00 plus postage



This wonderful signed birthday card was given by Diana to her dresser Fay Appleby.


Diana with Fay and her twin sons.

Fay's sons who sent their mother's items to auctionSOLD $18,500.00


Prince Charles (typed) hand signed letter.

Highgrove House stationary. Comes with original envelope.

August 23, 1990
Dear ---,
Many thanks for the information on the Traveling Box to Fernand VII of Spain.
I have given it all to the King of Majorca and we shall see what happens!
Yours ever, Charles

$ 3,500.00

Prince Charles handwritten letter

Item 2983-

November 22, 1991
Dear ____
You really are incredibly king to remember my birthday in your usual thoughtful way and
I cannot thank you enough for that splendid Czech figure you found in Prague.It is such a magical city,
but I dread to think what will happen to it when the local operating and
property developers move in & bring the Richard Rogers of the world with them!
I'm so glad you saw the Prague Monastery & it's library, which I did in May this year.
With every ____ As ever, Charles

Sandringham Norfolk stationary. Comes with original envelope.


Memorial card and handwritten letter from Frances Shand Kydd,
mother of Princess Diana

SOLD Item 2984- a

Inside of card reads:

Dear ___
With love, Frances
My thanks to you and for being a great & trusted friend of hers. (meaning Diana)

$1,995.00 SOLD

Letter from Frances Shand Kydd on her personal stationary.
Comes with original envelope.

Item 2984- b

Callanish Isle of Seil
By Oban Argyll PA34 4TN
My dear ___
A big thank you for a lovely evening of catching up and delicious fare.
It was so good to see you, and to go over new ground as well as rambling around older pasture -
and to find you in such fine spirit. With love, Frances

$995.00 plus postage

Frances Shand Kydd died June 3, 2004

Princess Diana handwritten letter

SOLD Item 2986-

December 15, 1992
Dearest ____
I hope the contents of this letter will be seen as a positive response to a wonderful lunch!
Three favorite courses & three favorite people so what ore could we ask for?
I enjoyed our get together & as always thank you for ____
& including me. Fondest love from Diana

Written on Diana's personal "D" Kensington Palace stationary, includes original envelope.


Princess Diana handwritten letter

SOLD Item 2987-

June 30, 1992
Dearest _____
What fun! I do love the two pictures * for what they represent!
You are so kind to find these wonderful presents for me _____ &
as always & forever thank you for being there & for caring.
with much love, from Diana

$18,000.00 SOLD

Princess Diana handwritten letter

SOLD Item 2988-
Written on Diana's personal "D" Kensington Palace stationary , includes original envelope

July 1, 1995
Dear ____
The Bridge of Light will be a great joy to read & I look forward to that opportunity.
Thank you so much for remembering my birthday as
I am always touched that you do.
Much love, from Diana

$18,500.00 SOLD

Princess Diana handwritten letter

SOLD Item 2989-


Dearest ____
Four baskets have arrived & December Daily Word!
Thank you as always for taking the trouble to track down these books.
I greatly look forward to our lunch,
but until then send you my heartfelt thanks
and love from Diana

Written on Diana's person "D" Kensington Palace stationary, includes original envelope.

$18,750.00 SOLD

Princess Diana handwritten letter

SOLD Item 2990-

August 28, 1996,
Dear _____
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on such a momentous day .
I am now able to look forward to the future & how fortunate to be given another chance.
Yes, I 've learnt a great deal & now the time has come to nurture
& teach others around the globe.
Thank you for believing in me.
Lots of love from Diana. X

Written on Diana's personal "D" Kensington Palace stationary, includes original envelope.
Written the day Diana's divorce from Prince Charles became final.


Typed letter with greeting written by Prince William.

Signed by both Princes William and Prince Harry.


Item 2991- Written on St. James Palace stationary, includes original envelope.

November 14th, 1997
Dear ___
(William's handwriting)
Thank you so much for your most concerning letter,
we were touched by your consideration.
It was a great comfort to receive such a warm and sympathetic letter.
(William's handwriting)
Thank you again

(William's and Harry's signatures)

yours, William and Harry

Accompanying letter from St James Palace form the office of HRH The Prince of Wales.

20th November, 1997
Dear Sir____
I thought I should explain why the enclosed letter from Prince William
and Prince Harry is so late in getting to you.
Unfortunately your letter was only passed to this office last week
and I immediately forwarded it to the boys.
I do apologize for the delay.
Yours sincerely
Clair Southwell.



SOLD 2996- This 36 year old, typed letter dated 20th May, 1980 is to a Miss Lisa Stedman. Diana is thanking her for a lovely drawing she had colored and sent to her. It is signed in Diana's handwriting. This is the ONLY letter I have signed Diana Spencer. It comes with the original , typed, postmarked envelope. This letter is also rare in that it was written from Buckingham Palace on official stationary. Diana stayed at the palace for a time during her engagement to Prince Charles. This letter is dated May 20, 1980 about two months before she went from being Diana Spencer to HRH Diana, Princess of Wales. 10,000.00 SOLD

Dear Lisa (in Diana's handwriting)
I would like very much to thank you for your extremely kind letter and for the lovely
drawing you have colored so beautifully. You thought was very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely Diana Spencer
(in Diana's hand writing)



SOLD Presented at a private audience with Her Majesty to a member of the Queen's Flight Association. Signed Elizabeth and Philip.

$8,500.00 SOLD

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