Royal Wedding Cakes


Cake from wedding of Her Royal Highness Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha,

The confectioner in the Royal Establishment at Buckingham Palace created the Royal Wedding Cake for the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1840. It was described as “consisting of the most exquisite compounds of all the rich things with which the most expensive cakes can be composed, mingled and mixed together into delightful harmony by the most elaborate science of the confectioner.” The royal cake weighed nearly 300 pounds and was three yards in circumference. The masterpiece was about fourteen inches in depth or thickness. The wedding cake was showcased upon an elegant “superstructure” and cost more than £100.


Cake from wedding of Elizabeth Bowes Lyon (later The Queen Mother) and Prince Albert , Duke of York, (later King George VI).

Their cake was put on display in Reading, England, prior to their April 26, 1923, nuptials. Hordes of onlookers queued up to vie for a view of the ornate, 10-ft. tall confection.


Cake from wedding of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II and Philip Mountbatten

The official wedding cake was made by McVities and Price, although eleven other cakes were given as presents. With post-war food rationing still in place, ingredients were sent as wedding presents from overseas. The official cake was made using ingredients given as a wedding gift by Australian Girl Guides.

With intent to pay homage to history in his design of Queen Elizabeth’s 1947 confection, a “cake architect”—complete with clinical white lab coat—surveys a replica of the Queen Mother’s cake. The original was served in April of 1923.Pieces of cake and food parcels were later distributed to schoolchildren and institutions.


Cake from wedding of Her Royal Princess Margaret Countess of Snowden and Anthony Armstrong Jones

Five feet tall, 150 pounds, and marked by hexagonally paneled tiers, the cake of Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon was marked by three massive layers, in lieu of many small ones. The sides of each tier bore the Princess’s coat of arms and the couple’s new monogram.


Cake from wedding of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips

The November 1973 cake of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips was helped skyward with silver tiers, supporting the weight of the cake and all that icing—an army caterer is seen piping on ever more.


Cake from wedding of His Royal Highness Prince Charles , Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer

The cake of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles had a whiff of modernity, with its architectural, temple-esque facets and spare, columnar supports. But all the geometry is somewhat mitigated by its crown—a big old thicket of regal blooms. Chief Petty Officer Cook David Avery poses with the dessert in July of 1981.


Cake from wedding of Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Miss Sarah Ferguson

There’s stale wedding cake, and then there’s petrified—we’re pretty sure the top tier of the wedding cake served at the July 1986 wedding of Prince Andrew to Sarah, Duchess of York, was in a rather calcified condition by 1997, when it was auctioned for charity.



Cake from wedding of HRH Prince Edward & Miss Sophie-Rhys Jones.

Dispensing with a customary English wedding fruitcake, Prince Edward and his bride selected a seven-tier Devil's Food cake for their June 19, 1999, wedding. Topped with tennis rackets (in a nod to the fund-raiser where the couple met), the 10-ft. tall confection took baker Linda Fripp and her staff 515 hours to create. Continuing to break with tradition, the Earl and Countess of Wessex cut their cake prior to serving dinner – something that was downright 21st century.


Cake from wedding of His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton

The confectionery masterpiece covered in cream and white icing and decorated with up to 900 delicate sugar-paste flowers was centre-stage at the Buckingham Palace reception held in the picture gallery.
The project has left cake-maker Fiona Cairns exhausted but elated after working for five weeks on it which has tested her skills and those of her team to the limit.


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