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Everything Royal offers the "creme de la creme" of British royal memorabilia selling four types of items relating to the British royal family.

1. An item once owned by a Royal Family member and given as a gift.

2.A gift given to a Royal Family member.

3. A written Communication either to or from a Royal Family member.

4. A massive collection of British commemoratives and memorabilia.

For the past 3 plus decades Alicia has owned Everything Royal selling thousands of handwritten letters, signed notes, autographed photos, signed Christmas cards and many unusual and rare items from the British royal family.

See Below:

1. Princess Diana’s handwritten address book with names of those she knew at the time of her death - $100,000

2. A collection of cloisonne costume bracelets owned and worn by Diana as a teenager - $10,000-$20,000 ea.

3. A rose from Princess Diana’s bridal bouquet encased in acrylic - $28,000

4. A handwritten letter from Princess Diana to her grandmother Lady Fermoy praising her new husband - $30,000

5. A handwritten letter from Princess Diana talking about her engagement - $25,000

6. A handwritten letter from Princess Diana to Prince William when he was away at school -$50,000

7. An original oil painting of Princess Diana done for Halcyon Day Enamels by famed royal portrait artist Richard Stone $30,000

8. A handwritten letter from Princess Diana while on her honeymoon - $25,000

9. A handwritten letter from Princess Diana complaining about the press - $25,000

10. A sterling locket gifted by Princess Diana to her bridesmaid with a handwritten note - $12,500

11. Flowers from Princess Diana's bridesmaid’s bouquet encased in a box frame - 25,000

12. A Christmas card collection (1981-1996) hand signed by Prince Charles & Princess Diana $120,000

13. A large 120-piece Princess Diana doll collection - $25,000

14. Princess Diana's Under The Sea Dress- (private)

15. A one-of-a-kind miniature replica dress collection of the 79 Princess Diana dresses sold at the world famous Christie's auction. (private)


The most controversial items to come her way have been six love letters written by Prince Charles to Canadian girlfriend Janet Jenkins. When these letters debuted for sale on the "Everything Royal" website, Janet gave a TV interview in which she summarized her long-term relationship with Charles: “Diana said there were three in her marriage—really there were four. Our physical relationship lasted 20 years including after he married Diana and was still seeing Camilla.” Newspapers round the world carried the story - most on their front page. TV as well loved the sensational admission clamoring for Alicia to appear. She granted interviews to CNBC, CNN and MSNBC With this one collection of letters, Alicia’s name became a household word not only to Royal Collectors but to the British Royal Family as well. Her sales soared—her inventory of unique and one-of-a-kind items were unsurpassed.

Alicia Carroll was raised on the East Coast leaving to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles. Though she had minor success appearing on “General Hospital” among others for a period of time, she still supplemented her income selling real estate in Beverly Hills and her interior decorating business ADC Assoc.

Initially Alicia was a royal collector dappling in basic china, books, dolls, and photographs. When young Diana Spencer came on the scene, Alicia wisely realized the British Royal Family was becoming 24-hour news. Her “crystal ball” believed that fascination could become a lucrative business; therefore, she created Everything Royal in 1980's though she continued working part-time in her other two fields. She wisely retired in 1992 focusing her total attention on Everything Royal.

Alicia began taking extended buying trips to the UK; purchasing entire royal collections; advertising in major British Royal publications; and through a friend, became close to a number of Royal family members. This gave her access to private collections never before offered publicly including collections from Royal friends, Royal relatives, and Royal staff members. By the time she produced her first catalog, Alicia had become extremely successful. The publication of her last 402-page catalog become a collector’s item itself- showing the world Alicia Carroll was a force to be reckoned with and had cornered the market on Royal memorabilia.

Word-of-mouth praise from loyal buyers, her unwillingness to involve herself in unethical sales, and a mailing list of thousands have continued to bring fame to Alicia and Everything Royal. Anyone who has anything of note continue to seek out the actress turned businesswoman. Alicia has parlayed this into an extremely successful business. She has been featured in three worldwide broadcasting documentaries including the popular Marketing the Monarchy which debuted a few days before the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Alicia is a popular guest speaker at ladies charity luncheons, women's clubs, national events and has been paid lucratively for press interviews regarding controversial items she has for sale - or knows are for sale. During all this time, she has become a major news source for many international Royal Correspondents.

The East-Coast native has for the past 11 years been performing private royal appraisals for estates, court orders conservatorships, and insurance companies. Many collections have included up to 10,000 items.


Caroline Graham, Correspondent, The Mall on Sunday, London

Joe Little, Editor, Majesty Magazine, London (the world’s leading magazine devoted entirely to Royals)

Renae Plant, founder of the charity, The Princess and The Platypus Foundation, Owner and creator of the 3D on line Princess Diana Museum.

Viscount David Linley, Nephew of Queen Elizabeth

Sarah Jane Gaselee, one of Princess Diana’s Bridesmaid

Margaret R. Rogers, co-founder of the charity, Pink Ribbons Crusade


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