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Meticulously Crafted in Fine Hard Cast Vinyl

Captures the Beauty and Essence of Diana!

Extremely Rare in Untouched, Never Displayed, Never Played With , MINT Condition

SOLD This GADCO Diana doll is one of 5000 sold worldwide. A beautiful Princess Diana as a child vinyl doll designed by Bruno Rossellini for the Great American Doll Company or GADCO. This is a lovely vinyl doll, fully dressed in red (Holiday Tribute doll), in her original GADCO box. No stand. She has an extra blue coat, hat and white petticoat trimmed in blue. The extra outfit originally sold for $395.00.

She is wearing her red coat with cape trimmed in black braid. Her hat is trimmed with a black silk ribbon with bow. Her purse is black velvet hanging from a black cord. All her buttons are black velvet, covered. She is in black leggings with a white petticoat trimmed with red ribbon ad are her pantaloons. She has nice long blonde hair. Really great likeness.

Item 5617

GADCO could have made a box long enough to fit her legs!

SOLD $1,595.00 plus postage


Royal Doulton Princess Diana Bride Doll

Royal Doulton, Peggy Nisbet Princess Diana Bride Doll. This bride doll was issued as a limited edition for the wedding of Charles & Diana She is 16" tall with a cloth body, porcelain head, arms and legs. She comes with all original tags still on her and original box. This is a rare doll. She will be shipped fully insured.

SOLD Item A 5588$255.00SOLD

Franklin Mint "Queen of Fashion" Porcelain Diana Doll

Diana is wearing the dress designed by Catherine Walker when she made her trip to Baghdad.
The dress is detailed with gold and silver falcons.
Limited edition doll. Approximately 16" tall.

SOLDItem A 5589$79.00SOLD

Franklin Mint Diana, Princess of Elegance Porcelain Portrait Doll

Diana stands a majestic 16 inches in height; she comes with a custom made stand from Franklin Mint for her to be displayed on.
Draped in graceful, whisper-soft layers of pale blue chiffon, this exquisite vinyl doll captures every nuance of Princess Diana’s regal poise and presence.
Recreated from the designer, Grace Kelly’s, original auctioned off for charity, Diana’s gown is perfectly complemented by her signature envelope-style clutch purse (Which is in a Franklin Mint Container).
She features elegant earrings - authentically reproduced in genuine diamonds and cultured pearls.

SOLDItem A 5590$125.00 plus postage SOLD

Franklin Mint Diana, Princess of Style Porcelain Portrait Doll

SOLDItem A 5591$99.00 SOLD

Franklin Mint Porcelain Diana Doll

SOLDItem A 5592$79.00 SOLD

SOLD Franklin Mint Porcelain Diana Doll

SOLD Item 5593$125.00 plus postage

Franklin Mint Porcelain Diana Doll, Princess of Charm

This 18" doll is wearing a reproduction of the Scottish plaid dress that she wore to an event at the royal family's home in Scotland.
With its tartan taffeta silk gown and fitted black velvet bodice with pointed waistline,
it is a detailed recreation of the classic gown, and a reminder of Diana's charm and beauty.
She wears a spectacular suite of faux gem jewelry, consisting of a bracelet, earrings and ring, crafted with faux rubies, pearls, and sapphires.
She carries a black satin purse and a rich bouquet of silken violets.


SOLDItem A 5594$99.00 SOLD

SOLD Franklin Mint Porcelain Diana Doll-Swan Lake Dress

SOLD Item 5595$125.00 plus postage

Franklin Mint Porcelain Diana Doll

SOLD Item 5596$125.00 plus postage SOLD

Franklin Mint Porcelain Diana Doll-Pink Thailand dress

SOLD Item 5597$125.00 SOLD

Franklin Mint Porcelain Diana Bride Doll

SOLD Item 5598$125.99 SOLD

Franklin Mint Porcelain Diana Doll

SOLD Item A 5599$79.00SOLD

Franklin Mint Vinyl 16" Diana "The People's Princess" Doll

SOLDItem A 5600 $79.00 SOLD

Talking Diana doll (Diana's own voice) 4 -1/2 minutes of recordings. Batteries not included

Item A 5601 SOLD$39.95 SOLD

HRH Prince Charles Wedding Doll - No manufacturer on box

Item A 5602$39.00 plus postage Order

Danbury Mint Commemorative Edition 18" Princess Diana Bride Doll
Princess Diana's tiara and earrings have been recreated authentically
Each contains a REAL 1/2 point diamond.

Item A 5603$149.00 plus postage Order

Danbury Mint, Princess Diana Royal Wedding Doll

Item A 5604$149.99 plus postage Order

Danbury Mint Prince Charles Wedding Doll

SOLDItem A 5605$89.99 plus postage

Danbury Mint.Sarah, Duchess of York Wedding Doll

Item A 5606$99.00 plus postage Order

Ashton Drake 21" Porcelain Diana Doll, "Diana, Visionary of Style"

SOLDItem A 5607$79.00SOLD

Ashton Drake- World's Beloved Rose

SOLDItem A 5608$79.00 SOLD

Ashton Drake, 21" Porcelain Diana Doll,


Her World of Fashion Collection

By Titus Tomescu

SOLD Item A 5609$79.00 SOLD

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