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AND the man whose abdication changed the course of history.

What can be said for the man and woman who changed the course of "Royal History"? Without Wallis Simpson, we most probably would not have had King George VI and Queen Elizabeth nor Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Would there be Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and most probably the world would never have known Princess Diana. Prince William and Katherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would not be out future King and Queen

But it must be said his abdication was a "good" thing as history has shown us through his letters, wires, etc. , King Edward VIII was a Nazi sympathizer!

In later years he visited Queen Elizabeth II to request a return to England to be able to support the Monarchy and its people. His request was denied. His answer for his association with Hitler was, "he turned out to be worse than the man he knew".

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This incredibly RARE 82 year old hand written letter from the Duchess of Windsor is dated August 29, 1937 a mere 8 months after King Edward VIII gave up the throne to marry her and two months after their June 23, 1937 wedding in France. . In this letter she write

Dear George,
I appreciate your thoughts of me lost. He calls here even though the flowers went astray.
It was a time where one hopes one's old friends were thinking a little bit about me. It was
all so horrible and such a strain. We had a lovely summer resting from those months and
now look forward to starting our lives afresh.
Hoping we meet someday and that you are well and happy
I am yours ever,

This one page, double sided letter comes with the original, hand written, postmarked envelope. This letter is more personal than anything sold at the now famous "Duke and Duchess of Windsor auction.
Comes with original press photo of Wallis Simpson
Original 1936 photo of Wallis Simpson 8 X 10


Black bordered note from Buckingham Palace sent on behalf of King Edward VIII.
Notice it says King George V in the upper left hand corner. Dated July 31, 1936.
King George V died on Jan. 20, 1936.
It most probably is in response to a condolence letter sent by the Boy Scouts of America.


Letter written on behalf of Wallis, Duchess of Windsor.
Dated October 24, 1978. Although the envelope is dated 12-17-1984.
I believe Mr. Owens couldn't find the original envelope.
Wallis, Duchess of Windsor died on April 24, 1986


Vintage color photograph offered in a British newspaper when he became King, prior to his coronation which never took place. Wonderful condition considering it is 84 years old.


Fun sheet music copyrighted 1919. A black and white photo of King Edward VIII on the cover with the caption,
"The Prince of Wales Favorite Dancing Song".

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